Beyond Fruit Boxes: Cultivating Wellbeing at Work through Holistic Practices

Beyond Fruit Boxes: Cultivating Wellbeing at Work through Holistic Practices

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, prioritizing employee wellbeing transcends traditional perks like fruit boxes. To foster a truly healthy work environment, it's crucial to adopt a holistic approach that encompasses physical, mental, and social dimensions, with a special emphasis on the benefits of incorporating Pilates, yoga, or movement into the workday.

At Wild Mingo we are passionate about finding ways to motivate and inspire people through our accessories but sometimes you also need a space and place to foster this in your work day. We teamed up with Emma Joubert the founder of Movement Assembly to chat to us about her 7 top tips for corporate wellness:

1. Physical Wellbeing: More Than Just Snacking Right

While a well-stocked snack area contributes to physical wellbeing, it's equally important to address ergonomic concerns and encourage movement. Implementing adjustable workstations, promoting regular breaks for stretching, and offering on-site Pilates or yoga sessions can significantly enhance employees' physical health.

2. Mental Health Harmony: Mindfulness and Stress Alleviation

Incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation or yoga during breaks, can play a pivotal role in reducing stress and enhancing mental wellbeing. Cultivating a workplace culture that values mental health, coupled with opportunities for guided relaxation, can contribute to a more focused and resilient workforce.

3. Work-Life Balance: Flexibility and Flow

Embracing flexibility in work arrangements, including opportunities for on-site Pilates or yoga classes, fosters a healthier work-life balance. Employees can integrate movement practices into their schedules, promoting physical activity and relaxation, ultimately contributing to a more balanced and fulfilled life.

4. Social Connections: Moving Together for Unity

Encouraging movement-based group activities, such as team Pilates or yoga sessions, fosters positive social connections. These shared experiences not only enhance physical fitness but also contribute to building a supportive and cohesive work community.

5. Learning and Development: Nourishing Growth through Movement

Integrating movement-based learning and development initiatives, such as Pilates workshops or yoga retreats, not only enhances physical skills but also provides a unique avenue for personal growth. Employees benefit from a holistic approach to development, promoting overall wellbeing.

6. Recognition and Appreciation: Moving Towards Gratitude

Recognizing the importance of movement in daily routines, express appreciation for employees who embrace activities like Pilates or yoga. Acknowledging their commitment to wellbeing reinforces a positive culture and encourages others to incorporate movement into their workdays.

7. Inclusivity: Celebrating Diversity in Movement

Promoting inclusive movement practices acknowledges and celebrates diverse preferences. Offering a variety of options, from Pilates to yoga, ensures that employees can choose activities that resonate with their individual preferences, fostering a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

In conclusion, while fruit boxes are a delightful touch, genuine wellbeing at work requires a comprehensive approach. By incorporating practices like Pilates, yoga, or movement into the workday, organsations can create a thriving environment where employees experience physical vitality, mental resilience, and a sense of unity, ultimately contributing to a positive corporate culture.

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