About our artists

We carefully partner with female artists to ensure the integrity of their canvas creations remains when we create our products. The perfectly imperfect splatters, paint drips and lines of the artwork are translated onto our products, creating interest and beauty. 

Meet the artist: Ashleigh Ben Danan

Ashleigh Ben-Danan is a talented artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Her art is about bringing joy and fun to as many people as possible and we couldn’t think of a more perfect pairing.

Art has been the one thing that has always felt natural to Ash. From a young age, Ash could escape into a happy place in the art studio. She creates with colour because it "inspires [me] and makes me happy. You will always find colour in my work as that's my favourite part."

Her designs evoke joy, excitement and energy and at Wild Mingo we are passionate about inspiring people and encourage them to move in ways that feel good with props that look even better.

Meet the artist: Hayley Pearson

Hayley, a Bardi Jawi woman with family connections through One Arm Point in the Dampier Peninsula region has a deliberate focus on colour in her work. She has created an incredible piece of art that we have translated onto our Wild Mingo mats.

Our newest design called Oorunye, meaning Women in Bardi, tells the story of female empowerment through the women of today, past and emerging. There are symbols of empowerment, strength and courage. The hills featured represent movement which is so important to all us humans to stay healthy and active.

Hayley shares “there aren't many Indigenous mob that attend fitness classes so I hope this collaboration can bring awareness and get rid of the shame stigma when entering a fitness class with their mats”

Thank you for supporting us and our commitment to spotlighting incredible female Australian artists.

We can’t wait to see you ‘mingo!