Be wild, be 'mingo

Born out of a whisp of creativity in 2020 Wild Mingo is all about brightening up your fitness world one paint splatter at a time. Bringing joy to your practice be it yoga, pilates or training.

Us ‘mingo's love to spread our wings and try new things but also might love a cheeky glass of bubbles right after class (or a cocktail or two)!

What makes us special?

Our feathers are painted and that’s what makes us special. Our artwork is designed by incredibly talented Australian female artists. These women bring brightness and fun into all their designs and we smile whenever we see them - we wanted each of you to have the same experience from your downward dog to your sun salutation.

Our product range is carefully curated and tested for many months, by physiotherapists, pilates and yoga instructors and perosnal trainers, before production to make sure that you love your 'mingo as much as we do!

What we're made of

Using recycled materials is important to us - because who doesn't love a rewear?!

We have carefully sourced our products to ensure that we use recycled materials as a core feature.

Our mats are made from recycled rubber with a vegan microsuede top - to maximise your grip and ensure you don't slip! They are even machine washable!

Our resistance bands are made from recycled latex and nylon.

Our world first printed yoga blocks are made from recycled EVA foam adding density and support as well as some fun!

Did you know?

All our 'mingo mats come with our signature aqua carry strap. Designed to get you to and from class and to be a stretch prop - your strap will help with some of those sticky stretches like king pigeon or reclined big toe!

Our yoga mats run a little longer than average, so you can stretch your joy as you practice (and keep your face off the sweaty studio or gym floor in all those belly lying poses!)

Keeping your 'mingo clean

To keep your feathers in mint condition just grab a damp (not drenched) cloth or sponge with mild detergent and dab lightly across your 'mingo. You can also use a natural spray cleaner.

If your 'mingo gets a little too much love its also machine washable! Just use a quarter scoop of soap powder (no bleach) and pop in the machine!

Our 'mingo's are pretty good at posing but they don't tend to love a sun tan - keep yours out of direct sun and roll lightly once dried to make sure there are no wrinkles.