Hayley Pearson x Wild Mingo Collab | Oorunye Workout Mat

\Oorunye Bardi for Woman | Wild Mingo x Hayley Pearson

We are so excited to be able to work with another incredibly talented female artist. Hayley Pearson caught our eye and captured our hearts with her incredibly beautiful dot paintings - she combines modern colours with contemporary techniques and we were so eager to partner together. Hayley is a Bardi Jawi woman with family connections through One Arm Point in the Dampier Peninsula region. She was born and bred in Darwin, NT but now lives in Broome. 

Our newest design Oorunye (pronounced Ooh-run) which means Women Empowerment in Bardi. This design tells the story of women today, past and emerging. The top left corner is empowerment and the bottom left is strength and courage. The hills featured represent movement which is so important to all us humans to stay healthy and active.

In working with Hayley we’ve been so privileged to get to know her - she is so collaborative and has an amazing eye for detail in how she combines colour. She worked with us through each stage of the design.

We sat down with Hayley and asked a few questions to learn a little more about our latest ‘Mingo artist. 


Why did you start painting?

Hayley: I started painting because of my family and mostly my grandfather. He is an artist himself so I always had some idea to hopefully one day, start creating my own artworks. To me, my art is very unique which means alot to myself. It's my own creativity that expresses me through my culture and stories.


Do you have a favourite colour?

Hayley: No i don't! Throughout my painting journey, i've learnt that i love to paint new colours and get out of my comfort zone which is what i did while creating the art piece with Wild Mingo.


What do you hope to show people through your designs?

Hayley: Through my designs, I love to be able to incorporate my stories, my experiences but also bring together other peoples stories. It's a great feeling being able to design artworks that have meaningful representation behind the line and dot work. Having two stories come together with significant meaning makes myself feel strong and proud.

 People are very grateful when I create pieces for them. Having the ability to present someone's story with my story throughout my style of work is something that is very special!


Why did you want to work with Wild Mingo?

Hayley: Wild Mingo is such a beautiful distinctive small business. It's unique as well, Wild Mingo stands out from many other gym and pilates accessories. I've recently just started getting back into my fitness so this collaboration was needed!

What are you most proud of as part of this collaboration?

Hayley: There aren't many Indigenous mob that attend fitness classes so I hope this collaboration can bring awareness and get rid of the shame stigma when entering a fitness class with their mats. This is an important collaboration as it allows Indigenous art to be represented through the fitness industry. 


For us at Wild Mingo we are so proud of this collaboration because we are committed to showcasing incredible female talent wherever we can. To be able to partner with Hayley and have a connection to celebrating indigenous art and culture is so important to us as an Australian business and we can’t wait to see it launch. 

Available to shop July 2, 2023