Can I wash my workout mat?

Can I wash my workout mat?


We are so happy you asked! Not all workout mats can be washed but our Wild Mingo Workout Mats certainly can be! We've designed them for just this purpose to make sure no nasty bacteria stays baked into your mat for eternity they are easy to clean over and over again!

So whether you are a yogi, hot pilates gal or even a barre babe we've got you covered.

We make our Wild Mingo workout mats from recycled microsuede and natural rubber. This means that they are super absorbent for those sweat beads but may need a clean now and then (particularly if you are a hot pilates/hot yoga enthusiast!) 

So how do I clean it?

For a speedy post class clean - simply grab a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent to lightly dab across the mat - this will prolong the life of your 'mingo. You can also use a natural spray cleaner.


If your mat has been working hard while you've been working out - you can always put it in the washing machine (yep we said it!) Just use 1/4 cup of non bleach soap powder and run on a short cold cycle then hand to dry (just watch out for the top of your shower as that can sometimes damage 'mingo feathers) 

If your mat gets a bit too wet from the splashing wrap in a towel and squeeze out any extra water.

Then hang to dry and keep the beautiful art out of the direct sun to keep the colours vibrant.

And while ‘mingos are pretty good at balance poses they don’t love being folded or creased (I mean who likes wrinkles?!) so just roll it loosely once dry and secure with your ‘mingo carry strap

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