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New kid on the (yoga) block? Our top three reasons to add a yoga block to your practice

Yoga blocks are a perfect prop to incorporate across your yoga workouts from yin to vinyasa a block can be used in multiple ways to create length (who doesn't want to be an inch taller), add stability (balance baby!) and even release tension (breathe in, breathe out!).
Even if you are new to yoga you can use your block as a support and opener - you might try simply sitting on the block to create elevation in your hips, resting your feet on it in butterfly pose or placing it behind your head to support you in that end of class Savasana!  
Here are our top three reasons to add a block to your class
  1. Create more length and help you settle a little deeper (blocks elevate the ground so can help you bring the ground a bit closer to you
  2. Release tension - a few short minutes lying on a block in the right spot can be as good as a massage
  3. Support you where you need it - the varying levels allow you to support your head, hips and back
Wild Mingo yoga blocks are designed to be lightweight but super dense so they can be used for standing, balance or bolstering poses where you would normally have to decide if you want a light or heavy block (light for specific activation/bolstering heavy for balance/standing/grounding) so it's like a 2 for 1 block!
If you are thinking about adding a block to your practice try some of our favourite poses
Block pose variations


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