The Fit Gift Guide: How to make 'em sweat....

The Fit Gift Guide: How to make 'em sweat....

Ah, gift-giving season is fast approaching – a chance to surprise your buddies and maybe even nudge them toward healthier habits (while having a laugh or two). Whether they're cardio champs, yoga gurus, pilates power houses or gym adventurers, here's a guide to gifting workout wonders from that'll make them sweat...and smile!


1. Stylish Sweat: Match Their Mojo

First rule: Know their workout vibe. Do they go wild with yoga, dance through Pilates, or conquer mountains on the treadmill? Choosing workout props that match their workout style is like finding the perfect pair of jeans (they'll never let them go).

Gift Tip: Joy Resistance Bands - Set of 3
Made from recycled fabric and latex with 3 resistance options for a spicy workout!


2. Quality Queen: Focus on Durability

The best gifts are the ones that get used over and over. Opt for props and accessories that are made from great materials. Our gear is built tougher than a burpee challenge, minus the groans.

We also love brands that build recycled materials into their products.

Gift Tip: TWOOBs Slides
Check out Twoobs for some of the cutest shoes around made with sugar cane so they're extra sweet! Perfect to slip on to pilates or yoga! 


3. Level-Up Laughs: From Noob to Nomad

Cater to their workout level – are they beginners chasing that elusive coordination or seasoned warriors chasing their next personal best? Choose gifts that suit their stage, whether it’s a 'Stretchin' It Out' washable workout mat or a 'Serious Sweat Addict' set of resistance bands (heavy ones only).

Gift Tip: Confetti Washable Workout Mat
Let them leave a trail of sparkle wherever they move with our Confetti Washable Workout mat! (PS. no real glitter used!)


4. Trendy Treasures: Gadgets with Sass

Maybe for your loved one it's some of the extra essentials come gifting season - perhaps a water bottle that sassily reminds them to hydrate or a fitness tracker that tracks steps, giggles, and occasional pizza indulgences.

Gift Tip:  The Fitbit Luxe to keep up to date with how you move


5. Gift Cards: Mystery with a 'Mingo Twist

Gift cards are like workout challenges – the journey is exciting, and the reward is even better. Grab one and let your mates dive into our collection and pick the perfect props to rock their workout kingdom.

Gift Tip: Wild Mingo Gift Card so they can choose their own pressie!


6. Bundle Brilliance: Workout Wonderland Kit

Create a fitness wonderland with a curated package – a vibrant yoga mat, resistance bands that stretch as much as their smile, and a yoga block that doubles as a motivational cheerleader. 

Gift Tip: Mix n Match Bundle


7. Clean Queens: Make it sparkle.

We all have the clean freak in our lives - the one who loves nothing more than a deep clean on a Sunday. Arm them to clean their workout props with a no nasties yoga spray or look at a washing machine filter to minimise micropalstics reaching our water ways. 

Gift Tip: Mudita essentials yoga spray or grab a cora ball for their next workout mat washing sesh


8. Inspo-Sparks: Laughs for Lifts

Include workout-inspiring accessories like a gym poster that declares, "You vs. You: Best Match Ever," or a workout journal with prompts like, "Today's Quest: Squat Like No One's Judging."

Gift Tip: A cute set of posters for their workout space - our favs are this set of 3 on etsy 


How ever you gift this holiday season make it personal, have a little fun and spark some joy! We can't wait to see you and your loved ones 'mingo!

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