Need a winter warmer? 🔥 Try Hot Yoga with a Wild Mingo mat!

Need a winter warmer? 🔥 Try Hot Yoga with a Wild Mingo mat!

Over the past few weeks, as it snaps into a chilly Melbourne winter I've heard the same phrase over and over... "I'm freezing" - most of the time I hear this phrase as someone has put on their puffer jacket to answer their work Zoom call. Whilst the days are still getting colder there are a number of ways to keep warm aside from that heater and blanket combo. Hot Yoga or Pilates is a great winter warmer activity!

Hot Yoga vs Bikram?

Did you know that hot yoga and Bikram yoga are different? Hot yoga is a non standard yoga practice just in a room heated between 29-40 degrees whereas Bikram is a specialised practice of 26 standard poses in a room at 40 degrees.

And then there's hot pilates...

I recently tried a heated mat pilates class and boy was it a great way to warm up on a chilly day! Hot pilates is a standard practice but often in a room that is heated to 35 degrees. Often a hot pilates class will involve high repetition training (think squats, lunges and glute work with a little cardio thrown in). Hot pilates is different to a hot yoga or Bikram class as it's often about getting more reps in to keep those muscles moving.

Why warm it up?

There are a number of benefits to training in a warmer environment. Working out in the heat improves your muscle elasticity, circulation and even your immune system. As you warm up, from the outside in and inside out, in a hot room you can see and feel benefits including increased flexibility, better muscle tone and even improved balance!

Did you know?

Our 'mingos are designed for both hot and cold climates in mind! The microsuede top (which is vegan) is actually non slip and the more you sweat (hello bikram class) the better your grip will be! 

We love seeing photos of you on your 'mingo's - perhaps try a hot yoga class this month and send a snap to or tag us on instagram @wildmingo

It's time to get Wild!

Candice xx

NB It's always important to balance the benefits of a new type of practice with the risks - please ensure you have checked with your healthcare provider about trying hot yoga if you might be pregnant or at risk of CVD. 

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